Radical Evangelical Group Targets Herrera Beutler

Washington State Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler has set herself apart from her fellow House Republicans by not only supporting Donald Trump’s second impeachment, but also by offering Democrats damaging information regarding Trump’s behavior on January 6th and his lack of empathy for those trapped in the Capitol as it was under siege from his supporters. While many on the left applauded Herrera Beutler for her patriotism, there were plenty on the right who criticized her break with the majority of her party.

Now a right wing group is targeting Herrera Beutler for daring to tell the truth and sticking to it instead of being a typical Trump-supporting Republican. Tyrant’s Curse, a project that is recruiting challengers to run against congressional Republicans who did not fully back Trump in his false election claims or his impeachment, has sent an email to its list on Monday that complained that Herrera Beutler “tried to help Democrats’ unconstitutional impeachment efforts.”

The email says Herrera Beutler “betrayed her voters and supporters in WA-03, the Republican Party, the MAGA movement, and President Donald J. Trump.” The email, with the subject “JHB Hates President Trump and the MAGA Movement So Much, She Was Ready to Help the Democrats,” accuses her of working with the Democrats to thwart the Republican effort to keep him in office.

“Herrera Beutler gave aid and comfort to the Democrats, the #fakenews MSM, The Left, and DC elites while trying to connect President Trump the riot on January 6th,” the email said. “Her actions were devious, calculating and obviously intended to ingratiate herself with a future employer (CNN?).”

Tyrant’s Curse was founded by Dustin Stockton, a Breitbart alum and March for Trump organizer who called his efforts to overturn the election a “mission from God,” is pledging to organize primary challenges to congressional Republicans who he says “betrayed” Trump. The group is promoting what it calls the MAGA SELLOUT tour to visit the districts of Republicans it is targeting and recruit Trumpish candidates to run against them in GOP primaries. Stockton and his fiancée both spoke at the January 6th rally in Washington, D.C., that featured Christian nationalism, adoration of Trump, and threats of violence.


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