Watch As A Racist Man Threatens To Have Fast Food Employee Deported Because Of A Coupon Dispute

Racism doesn’t appear to be going anywhere in America. While some say that the current administration has emboldened racists to act out shamelessly, it’s ultimately up to other Americans to call out racism when we see it occurring.

Last week we saw a New York City lawyer called out on social media after he when on a xenophobic tirade against Spanish-speaking employee at a Fresh Kitchen in Manhattan. This week those on social media are calling out an older gentleman at a Houston, Texas Jack in the Box for verbally attacking an employee. The dispute, filmed by a female customer who was at the restaurant with her 9-year-old daughter, all started over a coupon that the man wanted to have verified for a free hamburger.

As you can see from the video below, the dispute quickly turned one-sided, with the two Jack in the Box employees calmly and collectively trying to make the man happy, while dialing down the volume of the argument a bit. That’s when the man stormed out of the store, threatening to have the employee, named Marie, fired and deported.

“Hey, you are going to get fired,” the man said. “What’s your name?”

The employee responded, “Marie”

And the man crudely yelled back “Goodbye Maria. Buy you a ticket back to Mexico.”

The man, seen in the video, had no clear indication that this woman was even from Mexico, much less here without proper documentation.  As for the woman filming this disgusting ordeal, she said that her daughter was terrified and that she had to have a conversation with her about racism.

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