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Racial Tensions Are Worse One Year After Charlottesville Says Nearly Two-Thirds Of Americans

Racial Tensions Are Worse One Year After Charlottesville Says Nearly Two-Thirds Of Americans

Almost two-thirds of Americans believe racial tensions in the United States have become worse in the one year period following the deadly white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

A poll by CBS News / YouGove finds that 61 percent of Americans believe racial tensions have increased. At the same time, 29 percent believe racial tensions have remained static and 10 percent believe they have actually decreased.

The poll shows a clearly divided America in which race plays a key part in the racial tension scale. White and Hispanic Americans agree for the most part that tensions have increased while African Americans were most likely to believe tensions have become worse with 78% of Black respondents believing the situation has grown even grimmer.

Trump’s Handling Of Racial Tensions

With a President in the Oval Office who has refused to condemn racism on a wide scale, it’s probably not surprising that a majority of Americans (58%) believes the President’s “handling of racial issues” is not acceptable.

When Black and Hispanic voters were asked about Trump’s ability to handle racism in America, Black voters disapproved 82 percent of the time and Hispanic voters weren’t far behind at 73 percent.

White voters were more likely to side with the President with 49 percent approving of his handling of race issues and 51 percent disapproving.

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Republicans Don’t See The Racism

As we’ve come to expect, Republicans are more likely to approve of Trump’s handling of race relations. Eighty-three percent of Republican respondents believe the President is doing a good job with issues of race. Ninety percent of Democrats disapprove of Trump’s ability to remove racism from the national conversation.

Amazingly, 45 percent of Americans said Trump treats all races the same while 51 percent said he puts the interests of white Americans ahead of all others. That number drastically shifts when Republicans are singled out with 8 in 10 saying Trump treats everyone the same compared to 8 in 10 Democrats who believe he gives special treatments to Whites.

The margin of error for the study is 2.5%.

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