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Rachel Maddow Says Trump Should Face Charges For Confessing He Fired Comey to Protect Himself [VIDEO]

Rachel Maddow Says Trump Should Face Charges For Confessing He Fired Comey to Protect Himself [VIDEO]

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow shared a clip on Monday night from a new interview that shows Donald Trump could still be charged with obstruction of justice after he pretty much admitted to it on camera.

Trump spoke with Fox News over the weekend and talked about how he fired FBI Director James Comey in 2017 while Comey was investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election. As with any other time Trump has free reign to talk, he ended up implicating himself. “Don’t forget, I fired Comey,” Trump said on Life, Liberty & Levin. “Had I not fired Comey, you might not be talking to me right now about the beautiful book of four years at the White House.”

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You’ll recall the official explanation for Comey’s firing was his mishandling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, and the White House denied at the time that Comey was fired in order to protect Trump. But that’s not what the Former Guy said just a few days ago. “If I didn’t fire Comey… they were looking to take down the president of the United States,” Trump rambled, digging himself an even deeper hole. “If I didn’t fire him…. And some people said, ‘He made a mistake when he fired Comey.’ Now those same people said it was one of the most incredible, instinctual moves they’ve ever seen.” Trump really sealed it by saying, “I don’t think I could have survived if I didn’t fire him.”

Rachel Maddow jumped on this interview, because she smartly knew the bulk of her audience would simply ignore yet another Trump interview on State TV. “He doesn’t mean he’d be dead,” Maddow explained. “He means he couldn’t have survived as president. He couldn’t have made it four years as president because of the FBI investigations that were in place under Comey that stood to remove him from office. So he fired the FBI director in order to divert those investigations, in order to keep himself in power. He just admitted that’s why he did it,” she said. “And then it worked! That’s how he managed to stay in office for four years! This is him confessing.”

“If somebody were going to bring an obstruction of justice prosecution against him for that: firing the FBI director in order to get rid of the investigation that stood to remove him from office…. We are still within the statute of limitations for that if that, in fact, was a crime,” Maddow said on her show last night. “I’m just saying. He did just confess to that in detail on national TV last night.”

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Watch Maddow’s compelling argument for bringing charges against Trump, below.


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