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Rachel Maddow Gleefully Slams Don Jr. After He Tries to Take a Shot at Her

Rachel Maddow Gleefully Slams Don Jr. After He Tries to Take a Shot at Her

Since her show’s debut in 2008, Rachel Maddow has become one of the most popular news hosts in America. She was recently a free agent and MSNBC was desperate to bring her back. In her new contract, the pundit is able to take more time off to chase her passions.

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During a recent show, the host told viewers, “I’m going to take a little bit of time off from this show to go help with the movie. And also to work on a few other things that I have cooking with NBC right now, including a new podcast,” Maddow is now taking advantage of that option, going on hiatus to work on a film. When Donald Trump Jr. tried to chide her, the host was quick to reply.

Don Jr., who somehow still has a Twitter account, shared an article about Maddow’s temporary departure. The former President’s son wrote, “Seems the TRUTH finally broke her! Rachel Maddow to take break from MSNBC to produce film: report.”

Maddow responded to the slam, “LOL do you think he knows it’s a film about a criminal in the White House? And… prosecuting him? For crimes?”

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The movie, which Maddow is working on with Ben Stiller isn’t about Trump. The film, Bag Man, concerns Richard Nixon and his Vice President Spiro Agnew.



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