Questioned About Donald Trump’s Baseless Allegations Against Joe Biden, Kayleigh McEnany Dodges

A reporter tried to pin down Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany on President Donald Trump’s unsupported allegations and defamation of his campaign opponent, Joe Biden, on Wednesday. McEnany refused to acknowledge the remarks, instead saying that the question should be asked of Trump’s campaign, and suggesting the question was about Joe Biden himself, rather than the president’s behavior.

Kayleigh McEnany says Donald Trump behavior is actually about Joe Biden
[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

Donald Trump has been baselessly lobbing allegations against Joe Biden, claiming that his opponent is guilty of pedophilia and drug abuse. Critics have accused the president of projecting, since both allegations have been leveled against Trump himself by others. Trump’s longtime personal lawyer and ‘fixer’ Michael Cohen described Trump making inappropriate and lustful comments and advances towards Cohen’s then-underaged daughter, and a new political ad quotes Trump’s own boasts about sexual assault. Noel Casler has repeatedly claimed that Trump snorted Adderall backstage at Celebrity Apprentice.

By contrast, Trump’s allegations against Biden aren’t based on anything he claims to know, or any evidence whatsoever. The claim that Biden is a pedophile is based on an image of the former vice president supportively hugging an adult woman, who has said Biden wasn’t being inappropriate.

A reporter asked Kayleigh McEnany about the accusations Wednesday.

Does the president have any evidence to back up his suggestions that Joe Biden is a pedophile or taking drugs, and without such evidence, if he’s simply speculating, why should the public trust him on anything else?

Though the question was about Trump’s behavior, his allegations and his trustworthiness, McEnany treated it as a question about Trump’s opponent in the 2020 presidential race.

I’d have to refer you to the campaign. I’m not here to talk about Joe Biden.

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