QAnon’s Johnny Enlow Says ‘God Is Doing Things’ to Make Donald Trump President Again

QAnon conspiracy nut Johnny Enlow, a self-identified part-time prophet when his predictions correspond with reality, said last Friday on the Elijah Streams YouTube channel that God is ready to reinstate Donald Trump as president of the United States, or perhaps the entire world.

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Evidently, God is America’s number one empyrean fan and therefore wants Trump to be in charge, although Enlow is unwilling to specify how he knows this:

There’s all these dimensions that the Lord is coming to affect and change right now, and President Trump still has a very active, viable role in that, and he will step in on the playing field itself. Believe me, God is doing things with him, and I won’t go into it more than that. But he’s not a passive player; he is recognized from Heaven. He is recognized as the primary government leader on planet Earth. People need to know that. From Heaven, President Trump is recognized as the primary government leader on planet Earth.

Later, Enlow promised that Trump “will serve above board as well.”

Trump “will serve above board and God is going to do this and it’s going to be fairly quick, what he does,” Enlow said, referring to a second presidential term, or maybe more, who knows. “But this is something – he did speak to me earlier. He didn’t give me dates. He never gave me a date on anything just that he would win.”

Not to worry though, Enlow has it all figured out:

Here’s the deal. I don’t call myself ‘prophet.’ I don’t put it on my website. I don’t announce myself as ‘Prophet Johnny.’ A lot of people do. In fact, that’s how I’m announced and when I’m contacted, when I’m called, when government leaders contact me, that’s what they call me. And if you receive me as a prophet, I’m a prophet. If you don’t, I’m not.

Must be nice, but what of the skeptics?

“If a prophet to you means, ‘do I get everything 100 percent correct including timing, nuance, everything, every detail,’ absolutely not. So if that’s your criteria for ‘am I a prophet,’ then I’m not. So if I’m not, and I’m telling you, I go with that for you,” Enlow explained.

Glad he cleared that up.

Enlow wants to have it both ways, though. “You can’t stone me either because I’m not a false prophet,” he added.

Alright, fine. Surely something must have happened to instill Enlow with such circumstantial confidence, right?

Well, according to Edgar Cayce-wannabe Enlow, God revealed to him the locations of precious mineral mines worth hundreds of billions of dollars:

I will tell you, for those who don’t know. You know, I have met with the mayor and said there’s soon going to be discovered in your city two salt mines, and it was discovered. I said, ‘there’s going to be a silver mine discovered.’ It was discovered. ‘There’s gonna be a zinc mine discovered.’ It was discovered. 

Enlow also claimed to have predicted the discovery of a lost Incan city for which he was rewarded:

A lost city of the Incas is gonna make world news. It was discovered. I was given two keys to the city on two subsequent trips. It’s Mayor Luis Ordoñez from Saposoa. I gave a description even after they discovered the city. I said, ‘there’s this much more.’ It’s 45 square kilometers – 45 square miles – so I did say that.

I was unable to find any records of Mayor Luis Ordoñez from Saposoa, the capital of the Huallaga Province in the San Martin region of Peru. Saposoa’s current mayor is a man named Fernando Grandez Veintemilla.

Incan ruins are common in Peru and are uncovered frequently by archeologists and contractors as the deforestation of the Amazon Rain Forest continues to accelerate.

Nevertheless, Enlow shared additional tall tales of his geological foresight, gloating that they made him a hero:

I prophesized huge gold mines in other places. Really, this is about – I stopped counting – this is about ten years ago. The sum total of things that I prophesized and were discovered were over $500 billion. I have a diploma of honor from the Congress of Peru, and six Congressmen were part of putting that together, and the only thing I’ve done in Peru is prophesized and they’ve been fulfilled.

American God does love money, after all.

Watch below, courtesy of RightWingWatch:

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