QAnon Targeted Me – The Fallout Is Frightening

I’ve been reporting and investigating on a group, which I also prefer to call a cult, called QAnon, and while I’m sure this story will only exacerbate things on my end, it needs to be out there.

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QAnon is basically an anonymous individual, or group of individuals who claim that an elaborate ‘deep state’ conspiracy against Trump exists. “Q” as this group or individual refers to themselves, posts almost daily on the 8chan website, and claims to be a ‘high-level government informant’.

It all began in October of 2017 on 4chan immediately following a remark at a military dinner by the president, where Trump said that the dinner was “Maybe the calm before the storm.” When a reporter then curiously asked, “What storm, Mr. President?” Trump replied, “You’ll find out.”

While their conspiracies run wild, the central belief among this group is that Trump has a plan, is in complete control of everything, and eventually will prevail over the “deep state.”

This last week, the official Q account on 8chan dropped a message, #2884, referring to Hill Reporter’s Ed Krassenstein and myself. The message, which linked to an edited parody video of me, where I jokingly say that people pay me to tweet, also included the following text:

“Nothing to See Here. You are the news now.”

The video tweet that it directed to, also read “The @EdKrassen @krassenstein brothers are on video admitting they’re spreading misinformation & being paid to divide Americans. Evil people PAYING evil people to do their evil deeds.”

Within minutes of this post being made by the official Q account on 8chan, a wave of disgusting emails, phone calls and Twitter messages targeting my family, my family’s businesses and myself began circulating.

“One day I am going to see to it that I will beat the “f*ck out of you. I’m going to beat the sh”t out of you. I’m willing to pay a greater cost than you ever will,” one angry voicemail stated.

Other Q followers on Twitter wrote lengthy conspiracy-filled threads, which circulated among QAnon like wildfire, suggesting that I have committed massive FARA violations, because I am somehow linked to Chinese trade since a distant cousin of mine works and lives in China. Then these individuals tried to suggest that I too must be working for China and that’s why I’m against Trump because his Chinese tariffs must be hurting our business.

For the recorded I have never worked for China, I have never traveled to China, and I don’t plan to goto China anytime in the near future. Ed Krassenstein did write an article years ago about a Chinese 3D Printing company though. That’s what they ran with, somehow linking a tech article written by Ed to an insane theory that we are involved in some deep underground Chinese conspiracy.

You would think that people would have quickly realized that this was all bologna, but that’s exactly what did not happen.

“Excellent thread,” wrote one deceived individual.

“Everybody needs to read this research on the Krassenstein twins. China connections and everything. No wonder they hate Trump.,” wrote another person who can’t seem to think for themselves.

“Wow. I’m impressed! You did a lot of work. I’m not surprised there’s something fishy in this but never thought about the China connection (as well as Feinstein). Great work,” another excited Twitter user stated.

That wasn’t all though. After QAnon realized that they had shared an edited video of us, they then had to try and make up for it. Instead of apologizing for putting out false information, which basically placed a target over our heads for all of this deranged cult to fire at (not literally I hope), they instead dug deeper, this time posting a new message days later, just as the threats began to die down. This post read:

“You are on the right track.”
Ex: video clip re: paid to shill re: K bros. (I assume meaning us)
Think context.
Think bigger picture.
Think connections.
Define ‘Map’.
The truth can always be found”

So basically, all that Q does is throw out a bunch of ambiguous words and phrases, so that no matter what happens next they can always twist those ambiguous words and phrases to meet their false narrative.

For example, they could use this very article to claim that their prediction came true. I mean after all, I am seemingly giving a lot of “context” and “connections” about this conspiracy, providing my readers with a “bigger picture” of these cult members. Perhaps Q’s next post will read:

“We warned you all, ‘think bigger picture, think context, think connections’. Brian just used all three of those phrases in an article. We knew this was coming.”

That’s the “bigger picture!”  Q is a cult-like group of individuals who can’t think for themselves.

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