QAnon Supporters Genuinely Believe Donald Trump’s Next Vice President Will Be John F. Kennedy Jr.

In 2018, QAnon cultists became enraptured with a conspiracy theory that John F. Kennedy Jr.’s plane crash death in 1999 was faked and that he is waiting to reveal himself so that he can rule the country alongside former President Donald Trump when Trump is reinstated. The fervor intensified when a man named Vincent Fusca started attending Trump rallies. Fusca, the theory goes, is JFK Jr. in disguise.


Fast forward to July 4th weekend when Davram Stiefler, a reporter for The Good Liars, noticed a woman wearing a Trump/Kennedy 2021 shirt and decided to ask her what it was about.

The brief interview was weird.

“Trump/Kennedy 2021. What does that shirt mean?” Stiefler asked the woman.

“I think that JFK Jr. is still alive,” she confidently proclaimed.

“The guy who died in the plane crash in the late 90s? You think he’s still alive?” Stielfer rebutted.

“I do,” she said.

“And he’s going to come back and be president with Trump this year?” Stiefler presses.

“I hope so,” the believer beamed.

Stiefler was noticeably perplexed.

“But how would Trump become president this year? There would be a new election?” he wondered.

“There’s a lot of things that I think have happened and there’s some things I think I know and a lot of things I don’t,” the Trump supporter gleefully confessed.

“Okay… and one thing you do know is John F. Kennedy Jr. is still alive?” Stiefler asked again.

“That’s what I believe,” the woman asserted. In fact, she was so sure that JFK Jr. will be Trump’s vice president this year that she bet Stiefler $100.

Watch below via The Good Liars:

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