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QAnon ‘Praying Medic’: God Will Force the Military to Remove Joe Biden

QAnon ‘Praying Medic’: God Will Force the Military to Remove Joe Biden

QAnon “Prayer Medic” Dave Hayes predicted on Wednesday that God is on the brink of sending in the American military – on his own divine orders – to bring an end to Joe Biden’s presidency.

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First, Hayes, another member of ex-President Donald Trump’s cult, insisted that disgraced former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn is aware of a secret plan by God to use the military to depose Biden.

“Because I’ve had these dreams, where God has shown me that are going to happen, I absolutely believe that the military at some point is going to step in and make some kind of a move that’s going to change the complexion of the federal government,” said Hayes. “Some people have heard the interview with General Flynn, where General Flynn said that there is no plan for the military to step in”

Flynn, however, has dismissed those claims as “nonsense” and has definitively denied that any such scheme exists.

Not that it matters to Hayes, of course:

I would like to suggest an alternative viewpoint on that. If the military had a plan to intervene in American politics and General Flynn was aware of it, I guarantee you he wouldn’t tell anybody what he knew publicly for operational security,. What General Flynn said may or may not be true. He may sincerely think there isn’t a plan. If there was a plan and he knows about it, he couldn’t tell anybody. So there’s no way General Flynn is going to come out and say, ‘Yeah, there’s a plan, the military is going to step in and do all this.’ You’re never going to hear that from General Flynn.

The military, Hayes proclaimed, is desperate for Trump to be in charge, because of buzzwords like the Ten Commandments.

We’re getting to a point where the military I don’t think is going to have a choice but to step in. I’m not going to take it any further than that but I think the military will be compelled to step in. Sort of like if you’ve read how, in the Old Testament, God would draw a king into battle against another king even though that king wouldn’t necessarily want to get into that battle, God has a way of making it happen. I think even if the military is not interested in getting involved in this whole Joe Biden Administration, I think God is going to make it so that they don’t have a choice.

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