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QAnon Loser Falsely Claims ‘Mass Arrests’ of Donald Trump’s Foes Are Imminent

QAnon Loser Falsely Claims ‘Mass Arrests’ of Donald Trump’s Foes Are Imminent

QAnon conspiracy theorist Dave Hayes claimed on Monday that “mass arrests” of hundreds of politicians, government officials, and members of the media are imminent because of his false belief that they orchestrated a mass deception campaign to remove former President Donald Trump from office.

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“I think one of these days people are going to wake up, and they’re going to hear that 200 or 300 members of the cabal –  from the Clintons, Hillary and Bill, and members of Congress, [James] Comey, [James] Clapper, [John] Brennan, Susan Rice – that they’ve all been arrested. I do believe a mass arrest is coming. I actually had three dreams about that – at least that I can remember – three dreams about mass arrests happening on one day. Just boom, all these powerful people taken up, taken in, arrested. I think one day in the not too distant future, I think [John] Durham will probably take a bunch of US Marshals and just put the little silver bracelet on a whole bunch of these members of the cabal, and it’s going to happen suddenly. And all the people who are whining and complaining that no one’s been arrested yet, they’re gonna be surprised when a whole bunch of people get arrested at once,” Hayes said on right-winger Greg Harvey’s radio show.

“There’s a whole lot of people in the media that need to be arrested. Because of – if you read the statute on treason, sedition, and subversive activities, and you get to the part of advocating the overthrow of the government – it is a violation of federal law to use the press to advocate for the overthrow of the government, and members of the press knowingly pushed lies in an attempt to remove Donald Trump from office. That was an attempt to overthrow the government,” said Hayes.

This is false.

Trump was first impeached for attempting to extort Ukraine into providing dirt on then-Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and a second time for inciting an insurrection at the United States Capitol on January 6th with the intent of stopping Congress from certifying Biden’s victory in the 2020 election.

Further, it has been Trump and his puppets on conservative propaganda networks who have been lying to the public on an array of issues.

Nevertheless, Harvey said that the press should be given the same treatment as enablers of the Nazis after World War II.

“Well not only do they get it there but they get it with the vaccines and the COVID and everything else too because you listen to press, they got executed too during Nuremberg,” he proclaimed.

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“Yup, and members of the press need to be held accountable because they are just as culpable as anybody in the CIA or the White House,” Hayes added.

Watch below and read more via Right Wing Watch:

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