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QAnon Lawmaker Thinks She Can Honor 9-11 Heroes By Posting Her Workout Routine

QAnon Lawmaker Thinks She Can Honor 9-11 Heroes By Posting Her Workout Routine

While millions of Americans and citizens around the world commemorated the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001, a certain noisy Republican lawmaker decided that it would be a good idea to brag about her workout routine as a means of honoring the fallen. And who else could it be besides the QAnon-supporting, Donald Trump-worshiping, anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist with a penchant for political buffoonery, freshman Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene?

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“On this 20 year anniversary of 9-11, I completed this workout called ‘Kabul 13’ in honor of all who died and 13 young heroes who should not have lost their lives at the end of this 20-year war,” Greene wrote in a Facebook post on Saturday afternoon. “As a longtime CrossFitter, it’s a tradition to do Hero WOD’s (workout of the day) as a way to suffer and reflect on heroes. Hard workouts can’t come close to what they went through, but it brings great humility and respect for men and women who go through the unthinkable following their orders and serving our country.”

Greene also provided a list of exercises that she claims to have performed.

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Unsurprisingly, a lot of people were not very happy with Greene’s product placement or that she made 9-11 all about herself. Facebook users served some serious comeuppance:

  • It’s amazing how you even try to politicize 9/11 to make it about your agenda. 
  • Please file this and yourself in the trash.
  • Ah yes, a member of the House of Representatives is doing CrossFit to pay tribute to those fallen on 9/11 (and those who fell with the withdrawal from Afghanistan, never-mind the thousands of others who died over the past 20 years in Afghanistan, American or otherwise). What a grand empty gesture from the GOP (to capitalize on this day).
  • MTG: I grew up in your North Georgia district. At the time, in the 50s and 60s, it was a segregated place to live. I never attended schools or church with a person of color. I’m afraid that district has hardly changed in its overall attitudes, but I have. I do not celebrate you in any way. You represent little of what I value. And if you don’t know what that is, simply ponder the Golden Rule.
  • My USMC veteran husband wants to know where YOUR DD-214 is? And, if you don’t have one, who is the closest family member who served/is serving, MARGIE!???!
  • If you really wanted to honor them you’d craft and advance legislation to improve veterans healthcare and social services, instead of pandering to your own ego and knee-jerk voters.
    But then again we all know that modern American conservatism is the epitome of selfishness.
  • ‘To commemorate one of America’s greatest tragedies, I participated in a narcissistic activity and proclaimed it self-punishing because I believe that makes it righteous.’
  • Oh my! You sure are righteous and patriotic! I’m so glad you told the world so we can all look up to your greatness!
  • What May I ask does this have to do with anything. Did you volunteer at any of the places that helped our military recover after being wounded, did you go to any ceremonies to pay tribute to the fallen, have you shown respect and compassion to those who served. No, you just worked out. Which I am pretty sure a bunch of others including myself did. Do actually think anyone says oh wow look what she did to honor our fallen. You performed a routine so that you can look good. All it does is show how vain you are. Exactly what does your workout routine have to do with 9/11? As usual, all you care about is yourself. For those who lost their lives on 9/11 and for the soldiers who fought it, I pray for you every day and thank you for your sacrifice. I pray for comfort to you and your family. Thank you.
  • Embarrassing.
  • 20 years ago so many selflessly sacrificed their lives to help save others. Now, you and your followers won’t even wear a mask or get vaccinated in order to save us all. Please don’t insult us with your PRETEND ‘Patriotism’ and self-promotion.
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