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QAnon Kook DeAnna Lorraine Claims Credit for Attack on Capitol

QAnon Kook DeAnna Lorraine Claims Credit for Attack on Capitol

gop candidate on trump green light militias

QAnon conspiracy theorist DeAnna Lorraine, one of the participants in Wednesday’s seditious siege of the United States Capitol, claimed credit for the attack – which caused a temporary delay of the congressional certification of President-Elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory – on behalf of the domestic terror organization.

gop candidate on trump green light militias
[Screenshot via DeAnna Lorraine/YouTube]
Lorraine demanded that her criminal collaborators step up their game in a video recorded – somewhat fittingly – in the back of a recreational vehicle traveling from Washington, DC to Texas:

It’s time that we up-level. It’s time that we level up our show of force. For those wussies that are sitting at home right now, that are watching their Fox News and CNN and watching their social media, and you pretend like you’re a conservative, you pretend like you’re Republican, and you’re pretending like you’re fighting the commies; for you to sit there and buy into this MSM [mainstream media] narrative, hook, line, and sinker, that we are national terrorists, domestic terrorists, that we are violent, that we were so inappropriate and so embarrassing to you guys, and you are disgusted by our display: You were never a real patriot. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Lorraine was positively incensed over the fact that some of President Donald Trump’s supporters, including Republican lawmakers, have condemned the armed takeover of the Capitol:

How dare you say that you’re ashamed of us. What kind of a patriot are you? You’re no patriot if you’re so quick to throw your fellow patriots under the bus for actually going to war and doing the dirty work that you won’t do because you’re sitting at home, comfortable on your couch, reading the MSM, and buying into their narrative, and you’re disgusted by us. We’re disgusted by you. What we saw yesterday was the most epic form of resistance that we’ve seen in some time. This was the spirit of 1776 emanating from all of us, every fiber of our beings. It was this true spirit of resistance.

She insisted that “this had to be done,” and that Trump’s carnival of traitors must “level up our level of resistance and fighting back or we’ll never, ever, ever fight back and never get what we want, and we will be deserving of this government, this tyrannical government.”

Lorraine called for more violent action:

So, let me say this: It is time—because we have tried every means, we’ve been nice, we’ve been polite, we’ve followed the rules, we’ve exhausted our legal means and our civil means, we’ve done all of that, and nothing has worked—so it is time [for] a show of force. Yesterday was symbolic, and I hope that this is the start, where we level up our show of force, where we level up our show of fight and bravery and real courage. Yesterday was symbolic, and I hope that people start seeing it as heroic and jumping in on the action and that it’s contagious—because we need more of it, not less. We need more of what happened yesterday, not less. And do not let the media brainwash you into thinking yesterday was some bad or evil or shameful thing. When I look at the images of what happened and the videos, because I was on the ground and I saw what happened and what we went through, I am proud. I’ve never felt more pride in my heart and soul than yesterday by seeing these images. And you should be proud too. And if you’re not, then you were never a real patriot, and you were never down for the cause and never wanted to fight.

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In closing, Lorraine, just like any legit cult leader, encouraged her factions to take pride in their work.

“No one should be ashamed of what happened, and no one should be blaming Antifa for what happened,” she said. “American patriots did this. And it’s a good thing. It’s not a bad thing.”

Watch below, courtesy of RightWingWatch:

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