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QAnon Just Got More Bizarre

QAnon Just Got More Bizarre

Last weekend, as hundreds of thousands cheered, honked horns and danced in the streets to celebrate Joe Biden’s election as the United States’ 46th president, QAnon believers were glued to their keyboards, trying to make sense of it all. They just couldn’t accept/believe/process the fact that Donald Trump was losing the presidential election.

“Biden will NEVER be president,” wrote one QAnon believer, stuck firmly in the denial stage of grief.

“Trump knows what he is doing,” wrote a member of a QAnon forum, well on his way to bargaining. “He is letting the Dems, technocrats and media publicly hang themselves.”

Some, however, began progressing toward acceptance. “We’re losing,” one tweeted. “Not sure I trust the plan anymore. Not sure there even is a plan.”


QAnon believers treat the cryptic posts of Q, the QAnon movement’s mysterious prophet, as scripture. Many stretch to connect them to real-world events, often in nonsensical ways. Some prominent Q believers said Trump’s back-to-back golf outings over the weekend were proof that the president was in control and that all was going according to plan.

Others connected Rudy Giuliani’s bizarre Saturday news conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, on an industrial block in Philadelphia sandwiched between a crematorium and an adult sex store, with two Q posts in the past year in which he used the words “landscape.”

Trump’s election loss and the week-long silence of “Q” have wrenched some believers into a crisis of faith, with factions voicing unease about their future or rallying others to stay calm and “trust the plan.”

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Since the election last Tuesday, Q mostly has gone dark. On a recent day, there were fewer new posts on one of 8kun’s QAnon boards than on its board for adult-diaper fetishists. But late Tuesday afternoon there was this: “We’re breaking the Matrix. Pedal to the metal. Make them hit the killswitch.”


Keanu Reeves was unavailable for comment. Stay tuned, if you dare.

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