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QAnon Nazis Argue That They Aren’t Nazis by Threatening to Gas me.

QAnon Nazis Argue That They Aren’t Nazis by Threatening to Gas me.

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Two days ago I published an article connecting an anonymous Trump/Russia conspiracy theory, known as QAnon, to far-right, Nazi, anti-semitic individuals who pollute the internet on sites such as 4Chan and 8Chan. The theory started in October of last year, after an individual or group of individuals going by the name “Q”, anonymously began acting as if they were a whistleblower, stating that Trump and his campaign are not actually the target of the Mueller probe.  They instead argue that it’s Clinton, Obama, Lynch, Abedin and other Democrats who are the targets.

The whole purpose of my article was to bring light to the fact that genuine whistleblowers typically don’t seek out the vilest, most disgusting niches within the internet to do their whistleblowing, and that one of these areas is ripe with hate, bigotry, anti-semitism, and Nazi-sympathizers. Immediately I began to get feedback from readers telling me that QAnon is unrelated to these disgusting conglomerates of individuals on the internet and that QAnon warned them that people like me would be trying to bring them down.

Clearly, this article struck a nerve among Nazi-sympathizers, who claim not to be Nazi-sympathizers of 4Chan’s /pol/ thread. In fact, it got many of them so angry that I would call them such, that they began doing exactly what any bad Nazi-sympathizer would do.

“Gas em’” wrote one sick individual in a thread that tries to trash my name and dox me.

Another anonymous 4chan member with the username ‘Hitler Himself’ posted a list of names he believes to be associated with me, my family and past employers, along with the comment, “And when i’m finished…i’m coming after your Parkland comrades…ARE WE CLEAR? LET YOUR F*KING BOSS KNOW!”

“I think krassenstein made this announcement in order to make it look like Q is encountering stiff opposition from the kikes,” another anti-semitic QAnon believer wrote.

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Another hateful bigot decided to chime in, “For those who don’t know, Brian Krassenstein is a jew.”

In all fairness, not everyone replying to this thread were under the spell of QAnon, and not everyone supporting the ideas of the conspiracy theory were actually posting hateful anti-semitic speech. However, a large portion of the QAnon supporters appears to also possess hatred towards Jews, Muslims, and people of color.

I will not be intimidated by people looking to silence me with a list of names who may or may not be associated with me.  I will not relent in my fight against bigotry hate and anti-semitism.

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