QAnon Believers Psyched For March 4 Trump Resurrection

Believers of the totally fictitious QAnon conspiracy theory are marking March 4 on their calendars as the glorious day when Donald Trump departs his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Fla., to make his triumphant return to the United States presidency he once held. Why, you ask? What evidence, what proof, do QAnon-ers have that their beyond absurd scenario could come to be true?

Easy. Room rates at the Trump International hotel in Washington, D.C., are jacked from their regular rate. As shown in screen shots from the hotel’s website, a bottom line room at the struggling hotel including the night of March 4 will set you back $1,495 per night, not including taxes and fees. But if you were to check in on Monday, March 1, and depart on March 3, your cost only would be $516 per night, also not including those pesky taxes and fees. Trump’s hotel also significantly raised rates around and including the dates of presidential inauguration.

Why the astronomical discrepancy? It’s because the Trump Organization is looking to make bank on what it expects will be QAnon adherents who have plenty of money who will want to stay at Trump’s hotel the night before he makes what they expect to be a return to the presidency. QAnon-ers are focused on March 4 because that is the date on which the swearing in of the new United States president used to take place. Inauguration day was moved up to Jan. 20 in 1933 to shorten the lame duck period of the outgoing president.

It’s not clear how booked the hotel is for that time period, but as of late Thursday afternoon there were plenty of rooms to choose from on the property’s website.

The March 4 date was discussed by QAnon supporters over the weekend on Telegram. Debie Brisco wrote, “God has planned all of this for many years. Got to love this president. Not much longer now. March 4 will be our victory dance. And I plan to dance in the freakin streets.”

The Metropolitan Police Department and Capitol Police in Washington, D.C., indicate they are monitoring online postings and other intelligence sources about QAnon believers’ plans for that day, but so far have not uncovered any specific planned activities.

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