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QAnon Backer Says Supporters ‘Trained by God’ Like Special Forces Troops

QAnon Backer Says Supporters ‘Trained by God’ Like Special Forces Troops

Dave Hayes – a QAnon jingoist who goes by the moniker “The Praying Medic,” said on Monday that he and other “anons” have been “trained by God”-  just like military special forces units – to detect lies and corruption.

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“The thing that we have to realize as anons is that we went through a three-year course of training and equipping to detect, expose, and help wake other people up to the realities of corruption through Q. Q’s operation, was, you know, one way that I look at it is, it was a training course to teach us how to do research in such a way that we could detect corruption and then find a way to make that information available to the public, to other people,” Hayes told fellow conspiracy theorist Greg Harvey.

“We have been trained for years to do exactly what we’re doing,” he continued. “We have to remember that even though we don’t necessarily know what’s coming in the future, we have been trained to deal with whatever comes. It’s like being in the special forces in the military. Special forces groups don’t necessarily know what plans, what attacks, what kind of opposition they’re going to face when they go into a certain territory. When they’re doing an operation, they don’t necessarily know the troop strength that’s going to oppose them, they don’t know how well armed their enemy is, but they rely on their training. They rely on the fact that they are trained and equipped, and they’re able to overcome whatever obstacle is set in front of them.”

Hayes added that “we’re the same way. We have been trained by God, we have been trained by Q to adapt, improvise, and overcome. We’ve been equipped. We’ve been trained. We’re relatively smart people. We can see through the BS narratives, generally speaking. We know how to research and come to the truth, and we can make that information publicly available. So even though we don’t necessarily know the obstacles that we’re going to face in the future, we can rely on our training. We are well trained, well equipped, and we are more than up to the task to face down whatever they send our way. They can send whatever they want and we are going to overcome it because we have been trained and equipped to do it.”

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