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Q-Anon “Prophet” Says Certifying Election Outcome Is Treason

Q-Anon “Prophet” Says Certifying Election Outcome Is Treason

Joe Biden will never be inaugurated says prophet.

Mark Taylor, who gives himself the title of “prophet” and spreads Q-Anon conspiracy theories, is now asserting that the certification of the election is treason.

Joe Biden will never be inaugurated says prophet.
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In a clip collected by Right Wing Watch, Taylor and McFiles host Chris McDonald discuss the electoral college, state certification of votes, and the upcoming Congressional certification of the electoral vote.

“Swing states that found massive voter fraud, which is all of them, cannot legally certify these votes. They can’t do it. So don’t panic if they do it anyway. Caus it doesn’t count. They just committed treason. Frankly, if they do it’s just one more treasonous charge gonna be brought against them.”

Taylor has been among the right-wing commentators who have been gradually shifting goalposts throughout the process, first insisting that Donald Trump would be re-elected, continuing to claim the same after the election results were projected. (See tweets below from November 2, the day before election day, and then November 8th and 13th, after the outcome was clear.)


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Then he shifted to claims of fraud and treason, continuing to claim that Trump would still be declared the next president of the United States.


Now that the electoral college has cast their votes, and these will soon be certified, Taylor has shifted the goalpost again, now claiming that the states and officials certifying votes will face charges of treason for carrying out their duty to the voters, and acting on the will of the voters. He maintains that Joe Biden will not be inaugurated as President of the United States. It’s not clear whether the self-proclaimed prophet considers this prediction a ‘prophecy’ or mere opinion, but we can follow up to see if he has an explanation after January 20.

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