Putin Warns: Russia Will Aim Missiles at American Sites If US Deploys Missiles in Europe

Earlier this month, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin declared their intentions to pull out of the INF treaty. This Cold-War era treaty had kept missile tensions between the two countries at bay for over 30 years.

Photo Credit:Kremlin.ru

Putin and Russia have wasted no time in enhancing their military arsenal and want the world to know about it. Early this morning, Putin threatened that Russia will aim missiles towards strategic US sites if America is to deploy missiles in Europe.

While the countries have 6 months to create a new treaty, that does not seem likely. Putin has taken issue with the US’s deployment of missiles in Poland and Romania.

The Russian president warned, “Russia will be forced to create and develop weapons that can both be used on the territory where the threat comes from and decision-making centers.”

Putin also took the opportunity to boast about two of Russia’s newest weapons: a hypersonic glider and an underwater drone. Both weapons allow the Russians to hit targets that were once out of range. The Russian head again threatened the US, “They are talented, for sure, but can they count? I believe they can. So let them count the range of our missiles.”

The White House has yet to respond to the threats from Putin.

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