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Putin Says Trump Gave Up Crimea And Other Parts Of Ukraine During Private Summit

Putin Says Trump Gave Up Crimea And Other Parts Of Ukraine During Private Summit

Russian President Vladimir Putin says U.S. President Donald Trump willingly gave up Crimea and other parts of Ukraine during their private closed-door meeting at the Trump-Putin summit.

Photo Credit: Kremlin

Bloomberg is reporting that Putin formed a secret arrangement with Trump that would help set the stage for “resolving the conflict” in eastern Ukraine. The deal is not what world leaders have been hoping to achieve ever since Russian violently attacked Crimea.

Because only Trump, Putin, and translator Marina Gross were present for the talks, it’s still unclear exactly what the two world leaders agreed upon during the meeting.

Putin admitted after the meeting that the two men came to common ground on several “strategic agreements” he refused to talk openly about what those agreements entail. Trump has gone a step further, refusing to keep U.S. Military and Intelligence agencies in the loop.

Based on new findings, it appears that Trump will allow Crimea to be handed over to Russia with a majority vote. Putin’s wording also suggests that other areas occupied by Russian-supported rebels could soon fall under Putin’s control.

World leaders have called on the POTUS to hold strong against Russia’s aggressive moves to secure the area. Russia has engaged in a unilateral war against Crimea, using aggressive tactics to claim the territory.

It’s still not clear what the United States has to gain by allowing Putin and his regime to strengthen their stronghold over the territory.

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President Trump has continually shown his support for Russia’s control of Crimea, noting, “Oh Crimea,” but the fact is they built bridges to Crimea, they built I think a submarine port.”

Most dangerously, Trump’s idea of conceding Crimea could open up the floodgates for Putin to seek out violent control of other regions, setting a dangerous precedent that could shift more territorial control and power to Russia.

Bloomberg further reports that specific details are being shielded from the public so Trump has time to “consider” the full scope of his plans with Putin in an attempt to avoid public backlash before a full agreement is signed.

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