Pulitzer-Winning Reporter Details How Saudis Keep Trump’s Debt-Ridden Hotels Afloat

Pulitzer prizewinning reporter David Fahrenthold says Saudis have boosted the bottom line at three of Donald Trump’s largest hotels, according to a report in The Raw Story.

The Washington Post reporter says Trump has been making business deals with Saudi businessmen for decades and that Saudis visiting his hotels in New York, D.C. and Chicago often spend lavishly at them at a time when Trump’s hotel businesses are struggling to attract American customers.

“Just one visit by some Saudis traveling with the crown prince [Mohammed bin Salman] earlier this year provided enough revenue, one visit, to boost the hotel’s revenue for that entire quarter,” Farhentold says.

Trump with Arab leaders
Trump with Arab leaders credit: Flickr

Given the Trump Organization has not released any data about its business dealings with the Saudi royal family or other foreign governments, the reporter says the degree of Trump’s financial involvement with the Saudis is unknown.

One foreign country’s representative has gone on record regarding his government’s patronizing a Trump hotel for political purposes. A Philippine ambassador has acknowledged that doing business with a Trump hotel is a statement “that we have a good relationship with this president,” he said when interviewed by a local TV station about an Independence Day party hosted at the Trump International in Washington, according to an Observer report.

Questions surrounding President Trump’s conflicted business interests with foreign governments is the subject of a Maryland lawsuit.  In this suit Trump is alleged to have violated the law by mixing his private companies with foreign governments and is the subject of a constitutional debate over the nature and limits of the presidency, according to the Observer.

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