Psychologist: Trump is ‘in a state of pre-dementia’

In Krassencast Episode 2: The Narcissistic-Paranoid-Sadistic-Psychopath President, Brian and Ed Krassenstein sat down for an interview with world renowned psychologist Dr. John Gartner for his take on the mental state of President Trump.  Krassencast Episode 2 is now available on iTunes, Soundcloud, Google Play and Patreon.

Dr. John Gartner is a specialist in borderline personality disorder, biopolar disorder, and depression, and during his interview he focused mainly on his belief that President Trump is suffering from a condition called malignant narcissism.  In doing so, he compared Trump’s mental state to that of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.

Toward the end of the interview (as heard below), Gartner also mentioned his belief that President Trump is suffering from a condition called pre-dementia.

“He’s also losing his cognitive capacities,” Gartner told the Krassensteins. “I think that he is in a state of what we call pre-dementia.”

Pre-dementia is the long process of gradual accumulation of pathological changes which lead up to dementia.  It is believed that during this period of pre-dementia, patients should begin disease modifying therapies in order to help slow down the development of dementia.

Gartner explained his reasoning for his belief, in saying, “If you compare [Trump’s] verbal productions to the way he used to speak in the 80s, he still was kind of a jerk, but he spoke in polished paragraphs.  Now he can’t even complete a sentence.  He has a lot of trouble with word-finding.  He even makes up words.  He has trouble completing a sentence without veering off into an irrelevancy.  All of this is a sign of cognitive decline.”

Gartner believes that President Trump is a danger to our country, based on his knowledge of mental disorders, and while Trump’s apparent malignant narcissism, which Gartner says the president suffers from, provides the most risk when it comes to leaders, he also believes that a president suffering from pre-dementia also puts us in danger as a nation.

“He’s really losing his cognitive faculties, which could also increase the extent to which we may be endangered.”

The entire episode of this podcast can be heard on iTunes, Soundcloud, Patreon, Youtube and elsewhere.

Photo credit: DonkeyHotey

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