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Psychiatrists: Mueller Report Reaction Indicative Of Trump’s Mental State

Psychiatrists: Mueller Report Reaction Indicative Of Trump’s Mental State

Ever since the 2016 presidential campaign, various people have been suggesting that Donald Trump may have serious mental health issues. These people include people within that profession as well, though they generally try to avoid open speculation about the mental health status of public figures – especially politicians.

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However, now that the Mueller report has been made public, people in the mental health profession are once again commenting publicly on Trump’s apparent mental state. Several psychiatrists have put together a report that raises the alarm about what they call Trump’s “reckless” way of dealing with the Mueller report.

The report by these psychiatrists carries a main headline entitled, “Mental Health Analysis of the Special Counsel’s Report on the Investigation Into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election.” The subtitle openly questions Trump’s competence, reading, “If One is Too Incompetent to Commit a Crime, Despite Trying Hard, Is One Competent to be President?”

The report states, in part:

“The singular reaction is perhaps indicative of the extent to which the president is, as with his contrary reaction to Russia’s attack on the integrity and validity of our process of electing a president, preoccupied with himself to the point where he does not even consider the good of the nation.”

Professor Bandy Lee of Yale University headed up the team that put the report together. She says that the way Trump acts is indicative of an increasingly compromised mental state, and that the President needs an evaluation to determine his fitness for office.

As for Trump’s likelihood of refusing, Professor Lee says:

“If he believes he is fit, he should agree to submit to one.”

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Lee goes on to say that Trump’s refusal will result in her team doing their own psychological profile of Trump, the same way that intelligence officials do with foreign leaders that could put the United States in peril. Lee says of this decision:

“We believe it is equally valuable to do one when an internal leader is a danger to the nation.”

Certainly, if there is any such question of a leader’s mental fitness, further investigation is in order, regardless of partisanship. The good of the nation must come first.

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