Psychiatrist Suggests Trump is Suffering From Hypomania in USA Today Op-Ed

Donald Trump’s presidency has been unlike any other in American history. And for that reason, psychiatrists and psychologists have long wondered about his mental state. The Doctors, however, have worried that they would violate the Goldwater Rule. This rule, created by the American Psychiatric Association, was put in place to keep doctor’s opinions on politicians mental states from influencing elections.

Donald Trump says "Crazy Nancy" is appropriate to call house speaker
[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]
Trump’s behavior since election day 2020, though, has become increasingly troubling. A recent op-ed penned by Dr. Kenneth Paul Rosenberg and political scientist Norman Ornstein looks deeply into the president’s mental state. Dr. Rosenberg suggests that Trump may be suffering from hypomania.

The duo begin by acknowledging the Goldwater Rule, but noting, “the threat to our democracy is too great to remain silent.”

Dr. Rosenberg continues, “To any first-year psychiatric resident, Trump’s sleepless nights filled with ranting tweets suggest irrational exuberance and lack of control, possibly a sign of a mood disorder called hypomania. His life-long history of disregard for others and deceit, if correct as reported, are characteristic of a personality disorder on the narcissistic and even sociopathic spectrum.”

The pair closed their piece by calling out the Republican party:

“If we had a functioning Republican Party, this would be the time either to pressure the president to resign early and let Vice President Mike Pence handle the remainder of the term or to invoke the 25th Amendment. At minimum, we would hope that key figures, like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy and other senior officials, would act to embrace the reality of the election outcome and put constraints on Trump to stop destructive acts. Instead, they are enabling his worst instincts and behaviors.”


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