Psaki Bomb Drops On Steve Doocy Over “Funny” Voting Rights Protest

A planeful of Texas Democrats headed to D.C. this week in protest against proposed laws in their state that would restrict voting rights. Republican politicians and right-leaning media have criticized these lawmakers for standing up for the people in their state. When one reporter tried to pull Press Secretary Jen Psaki into this process, she wasn’t having it.

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[Photographer: Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA/Bloomberg via Getty Images]

As reported earlier this week, Texas Democrats left the state to deny House Republicans the quorum necessary to pass restrictive new voting laws. They were criticized for leaving (ironically, by the same Texas Republican who earned the nickname “Cancun Cruz” when he hopped a plane to warmer climes while his constituents shivered in a power outage earlier this year), and for having a case of lite beer on the plane with them.

Now Fox News reported Peter Doocy is asking Jen Psaki about the White House response to the protest. He tried to draw her into a comparison in which she might admit that Joe Biden had never made a similar protest, but instead, she assured him that President Biden understands the meaning and purpose of the protest, and that the Biden Administration is in favor of protecting voter rights.

“And maybe it’s funny to think about it that way,” Doocy began again, after Psaki answered him without taking the bait of a leading question.

Psaki cut him off, disagreeing with the notion that voter suppression could be amusing. “I don’t think anything about this is funny,” she warned.

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