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Proud Boys Hold Vigil for Trump Outside Walter Reed Hospital

Proud Boys Hold Vigil for Trump Outside Walter Reed Hospital

Americans were still processing the news that Donald Trump had tested positive for the coronavirus when it was suddenly announced he would be taken to Walter Reed Hospital Friday afternoon. A press conference on Saturday only confused things more as the timeline of Trump’s illness was revised, with even the press themselves left confused by the sequence of events.

Regardless of what Trump has said about the virus in the media, his base has never wavered in their support. From the early months when he downplayed how bad it was (as revealed by the Woodward Tapes), to the death toll growing by the day, to holding rallies despite outbreaks, they continue to show up for him. One subset of the MAGA faithful, the Proud Boys, bolstered by Trump’s shoutout to them at Tuesday night’s Presidential Debate (where he also ironically taunted Joe Biden for his mask-wearing in what is now one of the more legendary moments of the debate), have now gathered outside Walter Reed to hold a vigil for Trump.


Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes was spotted in the crowd, as was Trump surrogate Jack Posobiec, according to tweets Saturday afternoon.

Trump’s quote regarding the Proud Boys–“Stand Back and Stand By”–has already been adopted

by the group as a new motto, adding to their logo.

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Despite Trump being in the hospital for the virus he desperately wished would just go away and the White House staff all of a sudden taking up mask protocols, the Proud Boys apparently didn’t get the memo.

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