Proud Boy Is A Poor Boy After Capitol Riot Arrest

It turns out that being an alleged insurrectionist rioter can be bad for your bank account. Lawyers for Ethan Nordean (aka “Rufio”) who was arrested Feb. 3 for his role in leading the far-right group Proud Boys in the breach of the U.S. Capitol during the deadly Jan. 6 riot, were successful at a March 3 hearing in convincing a judge to release him from jail pending trial.

As a condition of his release Nordean was ordered to remain in his Washington state home. But while under house arrest the self-proclaimed “sergeant-at-arms” of the Proud Boys is having a “very difficult time making ends meet” and has resorted to trying to raise funds online.

A donation page on the Our Freedom Funding website presents the following story: “Ethan Nordean is an American patriot and has been a huge proponent of freedom during is adult life, protecting people from violence while expressing their 1st amendment rights and standing up against people who prey on those unable to defend themselves. We pray that the truth comes out of the innocence of this man so he may be free again to start working and providing for his family. He has been completely slandered and deplatformed constantly getting fired or his websites taken down. Now he is under house arrest and has had a very difficult time making ends meet. Anything helps, please support this patriot during this difficult time.”

The page was set up March 29 and has drawn 119 donations totaling $5,441. The target goal is to raise $100,000. Like most crowd-funding websites Our Freedom Funding keeps a portion of the money raised for itself.

Nordean is charged with aiding and abetting the destruction of government property, obstructing an official proceeding, trespassing and disorderly conduct on restricted Capitol grounds. Those charges include an offense of violence and a charge defined as a federal crime of terrorism, destroying property to intimidate or coerce the government, punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

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