Protests Erupt Outside Postmaster General’s Home

Activists from “Shut Down D.C.” staged a “noise demonstration” outside the home of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy on Saturday as outrage over the Trump administration’s mission to cripple the United States Postal Service intensifies.

Photo by Michael A. McCoy/Getty Images

The “wake up call,” protesters dubbed the demonstration, is a public indictment of DeJoy’s gutting of USPS infrastructure and personnel at the behest of President Donald Trump.

“DeJoy has fired or reassigned much of the existing USPS leadership and ordered the removal of mail sorting machines that are fundamental to the functioning of the postal service. Meanwhile, mail delivery is slowing down under other decisions made by DeJoy, such as eliminating overtime for postal workers,” the group told WUSA9.

Some of the activists crammed fake absentee ballots onto DeJoy’s apartment building door.

The USPS warned in a letter on Thursday that voters in 46 states are in danger of disenfranchisement because “certain state-law requirements & deadlines appear to be incompatible with the Postal Service’s delivery standards.”

For millions, mail-in voting is the only safe choice amid the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed more than 168,000 Americans since March.

That same morning, Trump went on live television to brag that he is willfully sabotating the USPS to help himself in November’s election and that mail-in voting would lead to a “rigged election.” Trump offered no evidence to support this claim.

“The whole thing with this mail-in ballot, that’s a rigged election waiting to happen,” Trump said on Mornings with Maria. “It’s rigged and everyone knows it.”

He continued:

“It’s a disaster. It’s a rigged election waiting to happen, and it’s just common sense. You wouldn’t even have to know anything about politics or elections. It’s common sense.”

Trump was completely transparent about his objectives.

“These mail-in ballots… they send millions of them all over the country. It’s going to be a rigged election. The country shouldn’t allow it,” Trump blubbered, before making a blatant attempt to delegitimize the election.

“The courts have to step in, we’re in many different courts right now,” he said. “If the courts don’t step in, the federal courts, then you’ll never know who won the election.”

Trump also admitted that he was personally preventing emergency funding for the USPS.

“If we don’t make a deal, that means they don’t get the money,” Trump said. “That means they can’t have universal mail-in voting; they just can’t have it.”

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