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Protesters Troll Trump Outside White House With Russian Translator, Signs In Russian

Protesters Troll Trump Outside White House With Russian Translator, Signs In Russian

Donald Trump faces protests in Russian

For a full week now, Donald Trump has faced protests as crowds gather outside the White House to respond to his behavior when he met with Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

The public is calling his actions treason, saying that the private meeting with Putin and Trump’s statements in the press conference afterward are a final straw in his series of efforts to cover up the attacks on America’s 2016 election process, and to belittle and deride the investigation into Russia’s involvement.

This week, protesters will troll Trump in an additional way, by adding a Russian translator to the crowd, who will translate the words of the protesters into Russian to be shouted loudly for the President to hear.

The protests started Monday when protesters described their actions as ‘greeting’ Trump on his return from Helsinki, where he met with Vladimir Putin behind closed doors. Activists have expressed concern that, with a private meeting, neither Congress, nor U.S. Intelligence agencies, nor the American people have any idea what, if anything, Trump promised Putin, and could not refute anything Putin might claim Trump said or offered.

Now, protests are occurring nightly as crowds meet outside the White House to let Trump know how the public feels about his actions.

Protesters have included individuals and grassroots groups, as well as public figures like Michael Avenatti, attorney to the adult actress who says she had an affair with Trump and was threatened with physical harm if she went public.

Adam Parkhomenko has been on the scene at the White House, which protesters are calling the “Kremlin Annex,” as one of the organizers of these protests. Late Sunday night he made an announcement. Starting Tuesday, the protests — which have already included chanting ‘lock him up’ as Trump arrived at the White House, in a mockery of similar chants aimed at Hillary Clinton during Trump’s campaign — will address the president in a new way. A translator will be added to the group to “very loudly” translate chants into Russian.

Protesters have been holding up giant letters spelling out the word ‘treason.’ Parkhomenko says there will soon also be a version of this in Russian letters

That’s not all — Parkhomenko has announced a new sound system arriving Monday to ensure the group is heard, and a singer will be performing the National Anthem while the group shows their patriotism with a sea of American flags, in celebration of the beginning of Paul Manafort’s trial for engaging in a conspiracy against the U.S. and acting as an unregistered agent of a foreign principal, among other charges.

While Trump hasn’t commented publicly on the protests, as the video above demonstrates, he cannot help but be aware of them, and Monday and Tuesday’s protests, with the addition of patriotic demonstrations and a Russian translator, can only draw more attention to their cause and their demands.

Donald Trump was tweeting frantically Sunday evening and Monday morning as he addresses issues with Iran, Carter Page, Robert Mueller’s investigation, North Korea, the Washington Post and more — perhaps he’s feeling the pressure.

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