Protester Interrupts DeSantis News Conference

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who famously waited to acknowledge that the coronavirus even existed, was interrupted by an angry protester during his press conference today.

“The cases are going up and you’re doing nothing,” the woman can be heard yelling off-camera. DeSantis doesn’t acknowledge her and continues with his prepared remarks as she keeps shouting while being removed by security.

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Florida has been setting records with daily cases in the tens of thousands, but DeSantis was downplaying the state’s numbers as recently as a few days ago. Meanwhile, Disney is receiving piles of criticism for reopening Disney World in Orlando amid the increasing threat. Predictably, the reopening video shared by the park was quickly co-opted by clever Internet editors.

Governor DeSantis has also added his voice to the chorus of other Red State Governors and GOP members pushing to reopen public schools in the fall. “If we can do Walmart, we can do schools,” DeSantis told CNN. This echoes the sentiment from Betsy DeVos, who estimated “only” 2% of America’s children would die if sent back to school (that’s a little over 14,000 children or about 5 all-kid 9/11s).

DeSantis is also still not giving in to the mask mandate other states have implemented, and he’s hesitant to reclose businesses that were allowed to open. But with 15,000 new cases every day, he may just have to reverse his decisions.

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