Prosecutors to Subpoena Trump’s UK Golf Courses

When Donald Trump took office in January of 2017, he refused to divest from his companies and investment. Elected officials routinely divest from their companies to avoid violating the United States’ emoluments clause.

Steve Jurvetson

While Trump’s American properties have been scrutinized, the government would like to take a look into foreign properties as well. According to a Business Insider report, “US prosecutors will subpoena Trump golf courses in Scotland.”

The Scottish courses are controlled by DJT Holdings, which is registered in the UK. Fusion GPS co-founder, Glenn Simpson, says the courses, “show enormous amounts of capital flowing into these projects from unknown sources.”

Maryland’s Attorney General, Brian Frosh, feels confident the investigation will show corruption. He says, “We are confident that at the end of discovery we will be able to prove our case that President Trump is violating the constitution’s emoluments clauses, America’s first anti-corruption laws.”

Trump’s UK golf courses are reportedly unsuccessful and regularly lose money. This makes the investigators all the more curious about the money coming in from the courses.

Democratic members of congress would like to investigate if any of this money came from Russia. They “released a transcript of the sworn testimony of Glenn Simpson.”

Frosh added that he was, “seeking information proving that hotel revenues were flowing to the president through his affiliated entities.” The investigation will also be looking into Trump’s Washington DC hotel. The hotel has also been a hotbed for emoluments clause criticism.

The president’s numerous attempts to have the investigation dismissed have been unsuccessful. The White House has yet to comment on the investigation into Trump’s holdings.


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