Prosecutors ‘Going Back To 1982’ Investigating Trump Businesses According To Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani, serving as lead attorney to President Donald Trump, appeared on Fox News Sunday to argue that the charges Trump’s long-time lawyer, Michae Cohen, plead guilty to last week are not actually crimes. Along the way, he dropped a few more nuggets of information — such as the news that Robert Mueller’s investigation is delving into decades worth of Trump’s business records.

Donald Trump's business records are bieng investigater -- 35 years worth
Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore
Giuliani’s past disclosures on television interviews have led Michael Avenatti — the attorney handling multiple cases against Trump — to call him “the best lawyer we have working for us.” Among other things, Giuliani has been the one to drop the news that Michael Cohen had as many as a dozen recordings of conversations with Trump, has contradicted Trump’s claims about knowing about the payments to Stephanie Clifford (known also by her stage name, Stormy Daniels), and declared that “truth isn’t truth.”

Now, he’s letting slip some more information about the investigation process, declaring in an interview with Chris Wallace that investigators are going through business records dating to 1982 or 1983. After calling Michael Cohen a liar, and saying that his credibility is in question because he recorded Trump while claiming to be loyal, Giuliani dropped the news about the depth of the investigation.

This is a witch hunt. They are going back now, they’re going back to 1982, 1983. They are going through business records.

Giuliani didn’t lay out details of exactly what prosecutors might seek in thirty-five or thirty-six years worth of Trump’s business records, or even exactly which businesses’ records are being looked into, but it may be a hint that Mueller’s team hasn’t ruled out connections between the President’s business interests and the crimes alleged against his campaign associates.

While maintaining that Donald Trump is innocent, and that the charges named against Cohen are “not crimes,” Giuliani also assured Wallace that the president is not going to be allowed to sit down and answer questions from Mueller’s team. Specifically, he answered the question, saying, “Over my dead body.”

Meanwhile, despite calling the investigation a ‘witch hunt,’ the president tweeted Sunday morning to call Cohen “a rat” for cooperating with the Mueller team, and to express outrage at the seizure of documents from Cohen’s offices, that resulted in the attorney’s arrest and subsequent decision to work with Mueller.

New York Magazine ran a piece in July covering ties between Trump and Russia, tracing them to the late 1980s and musing over whether the current sitting U.S. president could have been being used as an asset for Russian political operations even then. If Mueller’s team is looking into Trump’s business deals dating that far back, it’s possible that interactions with foreign powers are a part of what he’s seeking.

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