Prophet Mark Taylor Still Believes Obama Will Be Executed

Mark Taylor who is known to many as the firefighter prophet still believes Barack Obama is guilty of treason and will be executed.   The right-wing conspiracy theorist expressed his confidence in his prediction despite AG Barr stating that neither Barack Obama or Biden would likely face any charges leading to the creation of the Russian collusion conspiracy.  After Barr’s statement, Taylor said he remains steadfast in his belief that the execution will happen because  “God said this stuff was going to happen.”

Taylor told right-wing activists to keep the faith in President Trump during an appearance on the “The MC Files”. He also said for his fellow believers to be confident in the “Q movement” because “when something like this happens, we don’t hit the panic button.”  He went on to say, “You’re talking about high treason. “Treason in the highest forms that have ever been committed against this country. The DOJ, in my humble opinion, may not be doing that because of this very reason. Who does that get handed to when it’s high treason like this? It is a military tribunal. Why? Because it wasn’t criminal—it was an act of war. These are war crimes basically. We are at war.”

Taylor then argued that Barr’s statement “could be optics.” Adding, “Obama is finished. Biden is finished. They’re all finished. They’re all going to go to prison.“ Some will be executed. The DOJ is not going to be investigating or even prosecuting at this point because it’s out of their hands, it’s out of their jurisdiction, it becomes now the military … The fact remains is that God said this stuff was going to happen. We need to have the faith that it’s going to happen.”

President Obama – Source Flickr

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