Prominent Conservative Organization Slams Candace Owens as 'Ignorant and Hateful'

Last week was marked by several tiffs, both verbal and physical, between Republican lawmakers. It's not just the lawmakers who are fighting amongst themselves, it's personalities as well. 

The latest squabble was between Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro. The two disagree on the Israel/Hamas conflict with Shapiro calling the Daily Wire figure, 'disgraceful.' The two went back and forth for a few days and now some Conservative organizations are taking sides. 

The David Horowitz Freedom Center is a Right-Wing organization that gave Owens opportunities early in her career. But now the group is blasting Owens in a statement that read, "Instead of focusing on the meaningful activism and defense of American values that brought her to our attention, Candace Owens has become obsessed with her own fame, stirring up drama to compensate for a lack of real achievement."

The letter continued:

"The David Horowitz Freedom Center wishes to express its deep disappointment with Candace’s ignorant, hateful and morally obtuse remarks about Israel and the Jews. But, of course, it’s not just about the Jews. The Jews are the canaries in the mine. The West is next and America above all.

It’s one thing to have been alive in the Thirties and not realize where the Nazis were heading. It is quite another to be alive during a 75-year campaign by Islamic jihadis to “finish the job that Hitler started,” and fail to stand against their open campaign to create a second Holocaust."