Project Veritas Exposed: Man In ‘Ilhan Omar Ballot Harvesting’ Video Says He Was Offered Cash To Appear In Fake ‘Sting’

Project Veritas is a well-discredited organization that has faced legal repercussions before for their actions in attempting to capture ‘sting’ videos to paying organizations and individuals in a negative light. Now the subject of their latest video is speaking out. He says he was offered money to pretend to harvest ballots for Representative Ilhan Omar, and refused. He also gave context for some of the other edited video the group released.

Project Veritas caught again
[Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images]

Project Veritas released multiple short video clips that they say show ballot harvesting. In the clips, a person can be seen talking about having ballots in his car, and cash can be seen in his hand at one point. However, the videos do not add up to clearly show someone paying for votes, altering ballots, or engaged in any illegal activity.

In a new Fox 9 report, Liban Osman speaks out. He says that he was offered $10k to pretend he was collecting ballots for Ilhan Omar, and when he refused, he was surprised to see the deceptively edited videos of himself appear along with the claim. In one video, Osman was speaking on Snapchat about money in politics — he says that you can’t run for office on a few hundred dollars from your grandparents. In another, he speaks of collecting mail-in ballots from elderly voters who asked for help returning them in July, before the August primaries, and that Project Veritas has misrepresented when the clip was taken — returning more than three ballots was briefly legal in Minnesota, and someone returning a pile of ballots outside that period would have simply been turned away, ballots not accepted. These are then edited with another video, in which he gives cash to a man for the family of a sick relative in Somalia. Project Veritas has denied all this, but Fox 9 was able to verify with other sources that the man who received the money from Osman was a relative.

The videos were suspect even before Osman came forward. KSTP reported last week that officials had said that there were no reports of ballot harvesting, and that if the right-wing disinformation group had real evidence, they should turn it over to authorities. Attorney General Keith Ellison specifically called into question Project Veritas’ long record, noting that founder James O’Keefe has previously pled guilty to charges regarding illegal recording, and emphasizing that someone with legitimate information would submit it to authorities, rather than releasing political attack videos.

As reported by CBS Minnesota last month, Represntative Ilhan Omar had already denied the allegations and confirmed that Osman does not work for her.

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