Project Lincoln Ohio Ad Covered On Facebook — For A Line It Doesn’t Contain

Project Lincoln is a conservative, anti-Trump political action committee that is focused on removing Trump from office, and getting what they call “Trumpism” out of power. They’ve published ads that have hit a nerve with the president. Now an ad targeted for Ohio has been covered by a ‘fact-check’ on Facebook — but the line that fact-checkers say is false doesn’t actually appear in the ad.

Lincoln Project ad censored
[Screenshot via Lincoln Project/YouTube]

Just over two months ago, the Lincoln Project released their ‘Mourning In America‘ ad. Politifact‘s fact-checkers took issue with the ad on a few points, including the notion that Trump is responsible for the legislation that was passed to respond to COVID-19, and a specific line saying, “Trump bailed out Wall Street, but not Main Street.” The fact check noted that the bill had bipartisan support and that the bailouts were available for small businesses, though some large chains also took advantage.

However, when the Lincoln Project released a version of the ad targeted to Ohio, it didn’t include those claims. See the video below, and a full transcript of the minute-long ad below that. Wall Street isn’t mentioned. Small businesses aren’t mentioned. The legislation isn’t mentioned. Donald Trump is mentioned in two specific contexts: as the person presiding over this all, and for the specific actions of ignoring the virus, praising China’s response, and then blaming China for it.

There’s mourning in America. Today more than 125k have died from a deadly virus Donald Trump ignored. Praising China’s response instead of heeding the warnings, then blaming them to cover his own failures. With the economy in shambles, more than 30 million Americans are out of work, the worst economy in decades. This afternoon, millions of Americans will apply for unemployment. With their savings run out, many are giving up hope. Millions worry that a loved one won’t survive COVID-19. There’s mourning in America, and under the leadership of Donald Trump, Ohio is weaker, and sicker, and poorer, and now Americans are asking, if we have four more years like this, will there even be an America? Paid for by the Lincoln Project, which is responsible for the content of this advertising.

Despite this, the Lincoln Project members say they found the ad being covered with a fact-check screen when they shared it on Facebook. The appended link, explaining why the content was covered, was the same Politifact article — referencing lines that are not actually in the ad.

Donald Trump reacted very strongly to the original version of the ad, tweeting insults about the Project Lincoln team, but not actually disavowing any of the claims made in the video.

These ads have been targeted to get under Trump’s skin, with placement specifically during the Fox News shows that he’s known to watch and tweet about, and designed and written to agitate the president.

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