Progressive Groups That Backed Warren Switch To Sanders — But Not All Of Her Supporters Are Doing The Same Ahead Of Tuesday’s Contests

On Tuesday, six states will take part in the next round of nominating contests, to determine who will become the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee.

The six states (Michigan, Washington, Missouri, Mississippi, Idaho, and North Dakota) together represent 352 delegates.

This will be the first nominating contests in the Democratic primaries election cycle that will not include Sen. Elizabeth Warren as a candidate. Warren dropped out of the race last week after a poor showing on Super Tuesday.

Gage Skidmore/Flickr

Warren has not endorsed either of the two remaining top-tier candidates (former Vice President Joe Biden or Sen. Bernie Sanders). However, many of the organizations that backed her up are demonstrating support (direct or tacit) for Sanders, Boston.com reported.

The Working Families Party, which endorsed Warren, said it was changing its endorsement to Sanders. “We were lucky to have two progressive giants in this race. But with the field narrowing and critical contests coming up in the next few weeks, we believe the choice for working families is clear,” WFP said in its statement.

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee was less direct in its statement, asking supporters to “strategically” vote for Sanders on Tuesday to “let the contest continue instead of prematurely coronating Biden.”

And Black Womxn For also issued a non-endorsement of Sanders, sending out a tweet reminding supporters why they didn’t back Biden from the get-go, and why they wouldn’t be now.

However, the change in endorsements isn’t necessarily resulting in actual supporters of Warren’s to line up behind Sanders. While most of her supporters, according to a Morning Consult poll, say they plan to pick the Vermont senator as their second choice, a significant number also said they will back Biden instead.

Morning Consult found that 43 percent of Warren’s supporters went to Sanders, while 36 percent are going to Biden. Those numbers, the polling outfit found, would result in a 4-point gain nationally for Biden, while giving Sanders a 5-point gain.

In other words, Warren’s departure will not result in a huge influx of support to Sanders from voters who backed her, in spite of both being part of the progressive wing of candidates who ran this year in the Democratic primaries.

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