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Progressive Group Wants Dems to Investigate Kavanaugh for Perjury

Progressive Group Wants Dems to Investigate Kavanaugh for Perjury

Since becoming the head of the House Judiciary Committee, Representative Jerry Nadler (D-NY) has been laser focused on the Mueller Investigation. That isn’t to say, however, that he isn’t facing pressure to look into other issues.

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One of those potential issues is the possibility that Brett Kavanaugh committed prejury during his house testimony. According to the Daily Beast, one progressive group is pressing Nadler to call for a full investigation into the matter.

The group, Demand Justice, has not only sent a letter to Nadler, they’ve released ads aimed at spurring a probe. The spots target Kavanaugh’s feelings on abortion and potential ability to affect Roe v. Wade.

Demand Justice also wants to committee to collect documents that weren’t available to Democrats during the confirmation process. The group’s head, Brian Fallon, wrote in a April letter, “With the stroke of a pen, Chairman Nadler can obtain the documents that Republicans worked so hard to conceal during Kavanaugh’s confirmation last year.”

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The letter also argued, “These materials could potentially prove Kavanaugh lied under oath or they could at the very least provide a basis to insist he recuse himself from any case regarding Roe. Kavanaugh should not get the final say on abortion rights, and House Democrats should be pursuing every option at their disposal to prevent that scenario.”

The spots are expected to appear in Manhattan ad space over the next couple of weeks. Representative Jerry Nadler has yet to discuss the campaign that hopes to convince him to call for an investigation.
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