Pro-Trump Scam PAC Targets His Faithful

Donald Trump recently told Republican organizations to stop using his name and likeness in their fundraising efforts, arguing that he wants no part of generating cash for so-called RINOs – Republicans in Name Only. The chief counsel for the Republican National Committee pushed back, saying it has every right to refer public figures such as Trump in its fundraising initiatives. Trump backed down.

But the RNC isn’t the only group invoking the twice-impeached one-term president’s name to rake in cash. Politico reports that over the past several weeks it has received a number of robocalls from “generically named political groups” asking for donations to support efforts to get Trump back on Twitter ($100, please) and to “stop Kamala Harris and socialism.” Other calls seek money to prevent congressional Democrats from tearing down the southern border wall that Trump so cherishes.

A Politico reporter spoke with one of the telemarketers last week and was told that “100 percent of the contributions go directly to President Trump.” But the calls have nothing to do with Trump’s recently formed “Save America” political action committee. They’re coming instead from a group called the Campaign to Support Republican Leaders. You can’t find it online and it’s not registered with the Federal Election Commission.

You can find it in Dallas. One of the telemarketers who called Politico said he was calling from a 33rd floor office that belongs to the shared office space provider WeWork. And that particular office, Politico found, is connected to a man named Matthew Tunstall, who is listed as the treasurer of the Support American Leader PAC. Its FEC filings show that it raised $2.5 million in the 2020 election cycle but spent just $375,000 on political ads. None of the money raised went to the Trump campaign.

The current fundraising effort features a voice recording of the former president and urges would-be donors to “stand with President Trump’s legacy agenda and stop Joe Biden from banning assault rifles and stopping construction of the wall.”

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