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Pro-Trump Group Releases Anti-Immigrant Video In Push For Border Wall

Pro-Trump Group Releases Anti-Immigrant Video In Push For Border Wall

With the dust settled from the bruising 2018 midterm elections, conservatives seemed to take a tiny step back from all their heated anti-immigration rhetoric. However, that appears to have changed after America First Policies, a political nonprofit that hopes to influence President Trump’s already harsh immigration policies, spent 1 million dollars on two ads that seek to influence Republican lawmakers in renewing funding for Trump’s border wall.

The latest video features Michelle Root, the mother of the girl who was killed in a 2016 car crash allegedly caused by an immigrant without legal status. In the ad, Root implies that a new border wall will prevent future tragedies, even referencing Trump’s now defunct child separation policies.

My separation is permanent,” said Root in the video. “I want to see that wall built. I want to see stronger immigration laws. Make your voice heard. Call your congressman and your senators.”

The video comes after democrats re-captured the House in the 2018 midterm elections, giving them the power to check some of Trump’s more controversial immigration policies. While they have seemed willing to work with Trump in the past on immigration, that will come at a much steeper political cost now that they won back power of at least one chamber of Congress.

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Exit polls showed that nearly half of American voters found Trump’s immigration policies to be “too harsh,” which makes the timing of this video a slightly harder sell for many Republican lawmakers reeling from House losses. In fact, lawmakers and independent think tanks raised many concerns of the proposed border wall, arguing that it would cost billions of dollars while doing very little to thwart illegal immigration. Nonetheless, the border wall was Trump’s biggest 2016 campaign sell.

Watch the entire ad below:

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