Pro-Trump ​Digital Strategist Used A Secret Twitter Account To Make Racist Comments

It was reported by Right Wing Watch on July 1 that a pro-Trump communications strategist named Caleb Hull was caught using racial slurs on a secret Twitter account. Hull is well-known in Republican circles. The twitter account was being used by Hull back in 2014 for gaming, but he also used it to spread his racist feelings. He used multiple slurs, including, the n-word. Hull attempted to delete the account once Right Wing Watch began talking to people about but he was not able to get rid of it all.

Hull has made many connections inside the GOP through his work which puts him in an influential position. Hull currently runs a company called Statecraft Digital. Hull began his climb with Turning Point USA which is an organization for young conservatives. Hull worked as a field director in Ohio for the group while being a student at  Cedarville University. He continued his rise within the group by becoming the video director in 2016. Hull has held several top positions in conservative circles.

Hull’s online presence has often had him rubbing elbows with GOP elites like Donald Trump Jr. who has helped spread Hull’s content on Twitter at least 24 times. Hull’s content has also been shared by Eric Trump and many others in the Trump administration which has given Hull major exposure. The problem for Hull is that that exposure led to people digging into him and they found what Hull wanted to hide. In 2014 Hull used racial slurs to describe black people, Muslims, and LGBTQ people.

Hull’s aggressive pro-Trump stance and social media talents have caught the eye of some of the top “blue check” pro-Trump Twitter accounts, and he has been amplified by many of them, including members of the president’s family. One of his tweets was retweeted by Trump himself in 2018. More recently, Eric Trump gave Caleb a shout out.

Although the account in question does not use Hull’s real name RWW was able to dig through archives and determine that the account indeed belonged to Hull. Hull often used the n-word during discussions and posted jokes using the word. He once bragged about being banished from a Steam chatroom because he spammed the chat with the slur 17 times. Hull has also come to the aid of students at Covington Catholic High School who caused an uproar by wearing blackface. Hull said at the time, “This was a blackout game. It’s a normal thing at almost every school. What you all are doing to these kids is truly disgusting.”

When RWW watch called Hull he would not comment for their story but he did tweet out that statement.

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