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Pro-Life? Immigrant Mother Loses Baby When Officials ‘Wouldn’t Look After Her’

Pro-Life? Immigrant Mother Loses Baby When Officials ‘Wouldn’t Look After Her’

The Trump administration has taken a stance, claiming to be “pro-life”, meaning they do not support a woman’s choice to abort a pregnancy.  Democrats have frequently called the administration out for their, quote on quote, ‘hypocrisy’, saying that if they were truly pro-life they would also care about healthcare and gun control.

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The debate over whether or not a woman should have a right over her own body in early pregnancy is one that probably won’t ever be agreed upon by all sides.  However, what probably can be agreed upon by anyone with a heart, is that no one should have a right to force a woman into abortion.

According to one woman, however, who spoke to BuzzFeed News on the condition of anonymity, an argument could be made that this is precisely what is taking place within at least one immigrant detention center.

‘E’, a 23-year-old pregnant woman seeking asylum in the US from El Salvador, does not want her name mentioned out of fear for repercussions. She claims that she was imprisoned in a detention center located in San Luis, Arizona.  At the time of detention, she was bleeding profusely, and was on the cusp of losing her baby.  She begged staff at the detention center for help, but they simply refused.

“An official arrived and they said it was not a hospital and they weren’t doctors. They wouldn’t look after me,” E explained to BuzzFeed News. “I realized I was losing my son. It was his life that I was bleeding out. I was staining everything. I spent about eight days just lying down. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t do anything. I started crying and crying and crying.”

El Salvador is the deadliest non-war-zone country in the world, and the U.S. has become one of the prime destinations for asylum seekers like E and her family.

Without the care of a doctor, according to E, she was left to lay there as officials at the detention center simply allowed her baby to be lost.  She has since given up her attempts for asylum but hopes that other women are not going through the same thing.

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“My soul aches that there are many pregnant women coming who could lose their babies like I did and that they will do nothing to help them,” she explained.

Neglect in various immigrant detention centers has been noted quite frequently over the past several weeks, but this is the first reported case of a woman losing her pregnancy due to neglect on behalf of the officials running these centers.

This makes you question the true meaning of “pro-life,” as the Trump administration and other Republicans refer to quite frequently.  Does ‘pro-life’ cease to account for the life of immigrants and their unborn babies?  Where is the outrage from the Trump administration when someone else doesn’t allow a woman to keep her pregnancy, instead forcing her to abort through sheer neglect?

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