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Pro-Life Gun Lover Meghan McCain Denounces Catholic POTUS’s Pro-Choice Stance

Pro-Life Gun Lover Meghan McCain Denounces Catholic POTUS’s Pro-Choice Stance

The View host Meghan McCain on Tuesday knocked President Joe Biden over his support of abortion rights despite his being a practicing Catholic, as is McCain. Biden has been threatened with denial of communion by bishops and cardinals due to his pro-choice stance – no matter that a majority of American Catholics support a woman’s right to sexual autonomy.

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Immediately after promising that she did not want to proselytize, McCain did precisely that.

“As a devout Catholic as President Biden claims to be, abortion is a cardinal sin that can do deep spiritual damage to you. President Biden had been supportive of the Hyde Amendment up until 2019 when he decided to run for president and the Hyde Amendment means that the federal government would provide funding for abortion – or wouldn’t – and now he is for is and he has shown in this upcoming budget that he is for it, and I think that has sort have been the threshold” McCain said, referring to allocating tax dollars to pay for abortions except to save the life of the woman or if the pregnancy arises from incest or rape – which McCain conveniently chose not to mention.

“I remember when it happened, having a conversation with a friend of mine who was close to him saying, ‘for me this is a deep paradigm shift for how I view President Biden. Because if he’s for the federal funding on abortion, and I know the women on this show disagree with me, but as far as I’m concerned abortion is murder and that means the government funding of killing of the unborn and we have to as pro-lifers fight for the rights of the unborn, and that is a doctrine that’s as old as the Catholic Church itself,” McCain sanctimoniously continued.

Note that McCain and other so-called pro-lifers only care about “babies” before they are born (never after, otherwise, they would support social programs – such as comprehensive sex education – that prevent unintended pregnancies in the first place).

She added that Biden must decide between his belief in a woman’s right to choose and his faith and that his refusal to impose his personal opposition onto others is “like saying, ‘I’m personally opposed to murder but if you want to murder a little bit, it’s fine with me,” which is an interesting statement coming from pro-gun rights McCain.

“He’s going to have to ultimately talk to his creator when the time comes as we all do and reconcile his politics with his personal faith and I believe that he’s doing grave spiritual harm to himself and to this country,” McCain preached.

“Oooookay,” McCain’s co-host Whoopi Goldberg exasperatedly sighed.

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Perhaps McCain needs reminding that religion does not make law in the United States of America – nor does it have the right to dictate how our elected leaders should practice their faiths – or lack thereof.

Watch below via Crooks and Liars:

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