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Private School Sends Black Girl Home Over ‘Natural Hair’ Policy

Private School Sends Black Girl Home Over ‘Natural Hair’ Policy

Faith Fennidy, an 11-year-old black student near New Orleans was sent home from her private Roman Catholic school after administrators said her hair extensions violated school rules.

A viral video has surfaced in which the young woman could be seen crying as she packed up her belongings and left Christ the King Parish School in Terrytown, Louisiana.

Photo Credit: Steven Evergreen Fennidy

The young girl was sent home just one week after a black 6-year-old in Florida was sent home for having dreadlocks.

The Fennidy family has hired a lawyer, Inem O’Boyle, who told The New York Times that school officials said her hairstyle didn’t “align with school policy.” The girls family changed her hairstyle after the first day of school, spending a “considerable amount of money in the process,” but she was again attacked for her new hairstyle.

“They told her not to come back,” her lawyer told The Times. That, despite the fact that Faith had been wearing the exact same hairstyle for the previous two years.

Faith’s brother posted the devastating video to his personal Facebook page on Monday.


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The school’s handbook reads: “Boys and girls: Only the student’s natural hair is permitted. Extensions, wigs, hairpieces of any kind are not allowed.”

The handbook says “severe consequences” will be doled out for violating the Catholic school’s policies.

Officials at the school have not been picking up the phone and emails are not being returned.

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