Prisoners Dilemma For Oath Keepers As One Testifies, Pleads Guilty

Perhaps the 2021 Phrase of the Year could be “….is pleading guilty and cooperating with prosecutors.” We’ve already heard it about Joel Greenberg, whose testimony to prosecutors is presumed to implicate Matt Gaetz, there’s much speculation about who in the Trump Organization will be first to turn, and now it’s an Oath Keeper.

Insurrection indictment details chilling messages between Oath Keepers
[Photo by Probal Rashid/LightRocket via Getty Images]

The Oath Keepers are a far-right militia group that the Souther Poverty Law Center notes have been involved in conspiracies and violence well before the Capitol insurrection, and were thoroughly involved in the January attack, including one member, Stewart Rhodes, calling on November 10th for Americans to storm the Capitol like they stormed the Bundy Ranch, multiple members charged in the attack, and others reportedly acting as bodyguards for Roger Stone.

Now, though, it seems that one Oath Keeper charged in the insurrection may be ready to turn on the others and testify. According to CNN, one member has cut a plea deal and is testifying against the others this afternoon.

Mark Grods will plead guilty to only two charges — conspiracy and obstruction of Congress.

However, he’s expected to testify about a list of activities, including the group’s paramilitary training, the plans to smuggle weapons illegally into the Capitol, his and others’ transporting firearms, helmets, and other military equipment to the Capitol grounds for the attack.

Huffpost reports that Grods will also be admitting to helping the Oath Keepers cache firearms offsite in a Virginia hotel, and that others who entered the building with him assaulted Capitol Police officers.

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