Prior to Manhattan Trial, Harvey Weinstein Parts Ways With Top Lawyer Ben Brafman

Harvey Weinstein  will soon be facing charges of sexual assault in a Manhattan Court. While Weinstein will be facing 5 charges related to 2 cases, over 80 women have accused him of some form of sexual misconduct.

Georges Biard

Weinstein will now be facing many of these charges without the aid of lawyer Ben Brafman. The Daily Beast is reporting that Brafman has left Weinstein’s corner over a clash in defense strategy.

Brafman had been able to get some of the charges tossed from court, but Weinstein still doubted his strategy. According to a source, “Ben wants to do everything in the court room and that’s the opposite of Weinstein who wants the case tried in the court of public opinion and not a court of law.”

Weinstein’s hopes may be somewhat unrealistic. The source continued, “Weinstein is used to doing things a certain way and it has got him this far. The bothersome part is Ben was having a lot of success Nobody gets stuff like this tossed out especially in such a high-profile case.”

Brafman fought hard to have all charges against Weinstein dropped. In his aggressive defense of his client, he claimed that Weinstein, “did not invent the casting couch.” The lawyer’s strategy, however, did not stop the case from going to trial. In what is sure to be a highly publicized case, Weinstein’s next court hearing is scheduled for March 7th.

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