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Pretending To Call For “Moderation,” Political Influencers Tried To Pull America To The Right

Pretending To Call For “Moderation,” Political Influencers Tried To Pull America To The Right

Political influencers have used only gotten better –and more deceptive — in their use of social media to promote a narrative and push voters in a chosen direction. In the 2016 election, influencers were seen using false posts to help Donald Trump win. In the 2020 election, there’s evidence they tried to do the same for other right-wing candidates.

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A new Axios report follows one of these groups, a political group going by the name Purple America, established after Donald Trump lost the presidential election. Their investigation finds that Purple America established a social media presence calling for ‘moderation’ and for ‘unity.’

In this guise, they called for Georgians to support Republican candidates in the Senate runoff races. If they’d been successful, Republicans would have maintained control of the Senate, keeping Mitch McConnell as Majority Leader and maintaining a significant right-wing control over any legislation to make it through the next two years.

The Axios report notes that Purple America denies being anything but ‘centrist’ and bipartisan. The group is reportedly distancing itself from right-wing personalities and groups, and in particular, the January 5th Stop The Steal rally that turned deadly.

According to The Guardian, Georgia officials have already opened an investigation into the former president’s efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

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An impeachment trial is also beginning in response to Trump’s role in the Capitol insurrection attempt. Other influences behind that attack are also still being investigated, and individuals still being arrested and charged.

With the removal of Trump from social media, some serious introspection about the role of those networks in election influence may, too, have finally begun.

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