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President Trump Tweets Out Endorsement Of His Philly Golf Course

President Trump Tweets Out Endorsement Of His Philly Golf Course

On Saturday morning, Eric Trump, President Donald Trump’s younger son, took to Twitter to promote his family’s golf course in Philadelphia, PA. The Twitter post was complete with pictures of rolling hills and ponds on the course, clearly meant to be some sort of advertisement. Then, Donald Trump retweeted it.

HillReporter.com already reported on Trump possibly violating the Emoluments Clause in the Constitution by profiting from foreign government officials leasing properties inside Trump World Tower in New York City.

The same concerns could be raised here if the tweet is directly linked to an uptick in business for this particular golf course.

While tweeting favorably about one’s own business may seem harmless, that is simply not the case when that person is a sitting president. That office is the biggest bully pulpit in the world, and people’s actions – including purchasing habits – can be greatly influenced by what is said from that position.

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Trump’s hotel leases from foreign governments saw an amazing increase after he was in the Oval Office.

Now, it seems that he is going for the same thing with his golf business. Granted, most of Trump’s tweets seem to be pretty off the cuff and impulsive, so it is quite possible he was not thinking of the money he could make by promoting the golf course from the presidential Twitter account.

However, the result is still the same: The office of the presidency is possibly being used to make money for the president and his family. That is illegal. Perhaps a bit of oversight is in order. While it might seem trivial, yes, crimes can be committed over Twitter.

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