President Trump Told The Colombian Mafia to ‘Kill Me’ According to Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro

In the midst of political chaos in Venezuela, following the United States and multiple other nations recognizing the president of Venezuela’s National Assembly, Juan Guaidó, as the country’s legitimate leader, President Nicolás Maduro has made quite a claim.

“Donald Trump has without doubt given an order to kill me and has told the government of Colombia and the Colombian mafia to kill me,” Maduro told Moscow’s RIA.

This is not the first time that Maduro has made such claims that the United States and President Trump sought to have him assassinated. In October, Maduro told a crowd in Venezuela that “The United States, they have decided to kill me. They have given the order from the White House that Maduro be killed.”

These statements came just a couple months after an apparent assassination attempt involving a drone, which exploded during a major speech given by the Venezuelan president.

Mauro has been ousted from power by 35-year-old Juan Guaidó, who is claiming that Maduro is not the legitimate president. Although Maduro won the last election, half the eligible voters in the country did not vote, in protest, following the arrests and jailing of those opposing Maduro in the election.

The US and it’s allies have thrown their full support behind Juan Guaidó, who has been declared the interim president until new elections are held.

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