President Trump to Testify Under Oath Likely Before the Mid-Terms in the Summer Zervos Case

While it’s still up in the air whether President Trump will actually testify under oath in the Mueller probe, it appears as if there is no question about whether or not he will testify in a civil suit against him by former Apprentice contestant, Summer Zervos.

Zervos, who is suing the President for defamation, following comments he made publicly about her during the 2016 campaign, will likely force Mr. Trump into a written testimony prior to the November 6th mid-term elections, according to a recent ‘Law & Crime’ report.

During the 2016 campaign, Zervos claimed that Mr. Trump had sexually assaulted her back in 2007 at a Beverly Hills, Calif., hotel. She was just one of numerous women to come forward during the campaign, but the only woman to fight back with a defamation suit after Trump claimed that she and others were ‘liars’ looking for their “10 minutes of fame.”

Attorneys for both sides have agreed recently to exchange written answers to each other’s questions as well as provide objections to such questions, no later than Sept. 28. This would indicate that answers to these questions will more than likely occur prior to the mid-term elections on November 6th.

While Trump is not in any legal jeopardy criminally, it’s the answers he provides to what will likely be very personal and possibly embarrassing questions which could quickly get him into legal jeopardy. Recall that it wasn’t President Bill Clinton’s affair he had with Monica Lewinsky which led to his impeachment hearings, but it was the allegations that he had lied under oath about the affair which jeopardized his presidency.

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